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Corporate Branding

Who is your brand? We can explore the vision you have for your brand and how to position it. What does your brand want to say to clients? We can build your brand personality to communicate the brand message you want to communicate. Logo. Tagline. Colour scheme. We’ve got you covered. We will guide you with how to communicate the brand message across all mediums to ensure your brand is represented uniformly.

Personal Branding

How did Kylie Jenner Built become the youngest self made billionaire? Its simple, her brand. Kylie made her fuller lips her brand and used it to launch a cosmetic company focused on lips. She is just the latest example of a successful personal brand. How do you want to brand yourself and stand out from the crowd?

Event Branding

Are you hosting a birthday party, wedding, baby shower or even a conference? Event Name. Event Logo. Event Website. Anything and everything you need to brand your event, We've got you covered. We can even design t-shirts, paper napkins and more for the event. 

Social Media Strategy

Not sure what to post on Facebook or Instagram? Leave it to us! Let us inspire you for the next video or next campaign and together we can create the right content to target the right people on the right platform.

Content Marketing Strategy

Trying to get your message across without getting lost in the noise? We will help you write it, script it, photograph it in a short and snappy way that connects and converts. Work with us to build future-ready strategies and content to implement through an integrated marketing campaign.


We focus on creating content that engages millennials and their ever-decreasing attention span.  We want to help you get your message out there quickly, to be short and snappy and in a way that connects and converts.

Corporate Profiles & Pitch Decks

How do you present your company publicly? Write-ups for your website, slide decks for presentations, we can help you get your company’s purpose across in a visually appealing way.

Corporate Video Production

Let us help you showcase the journey of your Founder, CEO and Company in a 3- 4 minute video. Produce a video with us, which includes insights of the journey to where you are today and allows the company to explain its offerings and culture. Not sure how to quickly explain what it is you do to your customers? Let us work with you to create videos to share with your customers through social media.

Website Design

Our website design is perfect for you if you're looking for a quick and fresh new look for your business or if you're just starting out. We'll design a simple, yet stunning website to start bringing in your dream clients and make a mark in your industry.