Let’s build a brand as unique as your business. You've spent time and effort getting your business off the ground and you're proud of the work you do. You probably haven’t had the time to work on your branding too. Who is your brand? What does your brand want to say to clients? I can work with you to explore the vision you have for your product or service and build a brand to connect and communicate with your audience. Logo. Tagline. Colour Palette. Business Cards. I’ve got you covered.



I’m a big believer in Squarespace as a platform for businesses to tell their stories and engage with their audience. This is perfect for you if you're looking for a quick and fresh new look for your business or if you're just starting out. We’ll work together to create simple, yet stunning website that shows off your product or service and has the flexibility to grow with your business as you thrive.


Everyone wants to create content that engages millennials and their ever-decreasing attention span without getting lost in the noise. I can help you plan your strategy for content that is short and snappy and will connect and convert.  Work with me to write, script and photograph future-ready strategies and content to implement through an integrated marketing campaign.



Maybe you have a brand you love, but need to expand on your visuals. Maybe your website looks good, but could use some maintenance. I’m here for you! These design services include company profiles, presentations, quick web graphics, promotional materials, and the peace of mind in knowing you have me at the ready to bring your project to completion efficiently and with style. I’m here to support your brand!